9 Outstanding Instagram Tools For Community Managers

#1 Plan And Program Posts With Latergram

It’s hard to do less for professional use than the Instagram interface. With Latergram, you can program your posts in a calendar and these are posted at the specified time. The interface is extremely well done, and everything is done without friction. Only concern, and not least, Latergram has to deal with the restrictions of the Instagram API and to publish, you have to go through the mobile app of Instagram.

#2 Create Albums With Ink361

Ink 361 is a complete tool that offers many features. The first of these is the ability to create a custom dashboard with columns of our choices, much like on TweetDeck. Really very useful to do the watch on given topics, or a theme. We also appreciate the curation of popular content, as well as the possibility of having detailed statistics on his account. But what’s really interesting about the tool is the creation of albums. You can choose to organize your photos into albums, and upload them to your website. Very practical.

#3 Repost

Here is an app simply essential for professional or personal use. It allows you to “repost” like a Facebook sharing or retweet the photos that pass through your feed. Very intuitive, just select via the app the Instagram photo to repost and the app does the rest. The sharing is very clean and even automatically mentions the author of the post. Repost is also completely free and available on iOS and Google Play.

#4 Monitor And Manage Your Account With Iconosquare

Previously known as Statigram, Iconosquare is a handy tool for managing Instagram presences on desktop. You have access to your feed, and can comment and like, without connecting to mobile. The interface is particularly intuitive, especially when it comes to listing photos. Whether it’s browsing or managing your account, the tool is perfect. We also like the interface to send DM via desktop which is really convenient. The tool also allows to make filters in its followings so as not to display everything. Finally, it offers numerous reports, complete statistics, as well as searches per person or hashtag. The big advantage is the ability to have accurate insights, which the default social network does not offer. It is free and French, since the team is located in Limoges. An indispensable in any case, Iconosquare is surely the most comprehensive management tool.

#5 Upload Photos And Videos With Gramblr

Another flaw of Instagram is the uploading of photos or videos that have not been made on mobile. Everything becomes very easy with the small Gramblr software that in 2 clicks allows you to upload your media. The only flaw is that the photos must be the size of 650-650 pixels (as on Instagram). The tool is free, lightweight, and installs in seconds. We regret a rather prehistoric UX but Gramblr is indispensable.

#6 Quick Adds Text To Instagram Photos

To get a message across, especially for a brand, it can be interesting to write a message about the photos posted. With the success of Snapchat, it has become an important “fashion.” Quick (previously OverGram), an iOS and Android app, makes it easy to do so. You write wherever you want, with a wide selection of rather elegant typos, choose the color of the text and then share on Instagram (or Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook). A light watermark is inserted on the free version, but a premium version exists.

#7 Manage Multi-account With Gramfeed

One of The flaws of Instagram is not supporting the multi-account. Gramfeed is part of the way to overcome this restriction. This Instagram browser for desktop allows you to log several accounts and have access to different feeds, comments or liker for each of the different accounts. Very convenient for commenting and browsing, but Gramfeed unfortunately does not allow to post from the application.

#8 Manage Your Account With Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a popular tool among many social account managers, and this should continue as the owl will now manage Instagram. The rollout of this new feature is taking place today. It will now be possible to add an IG account and schedule its posts. To put them online you will have to go back to Instagram. It’s a shame, but the Instagram API is particularly restrictive. Here’s how this new tool works.

#9 Professional Management And Multi-account Comments With Agorapulse

Agorapulse offers comprehensive tools for managing social profiles. For Instagram, the big advantage of the service is to allow professional and CRM-oriented comment management. All comments are indeed noted on the tool in an inbox, and they must be “processed” to disappear. It is possible to respond to a comment directly on the tool, or to archive a comment once read. The interest is obvious for those who have a CRM use of Instagram. Agorapulse also offers a sleep function that allows you to search for specific tags, or nearby locations. Another advantage is full reports on accounts, engagement, and the popularity of publications. Agorapulse allows you to connect multiple Instagram accounts to your tool. And just for that, Agorapulse deserves to be tried!