Content Marketing: 8 Trends For 2021

Want to create a content strategy that stands out? A round-up of the main trends for 2021.

Less is More

2020 has been a year for creating online content, both to entertain a confined audience and to enhance its brand image. In 2021, the focus will be on the quality of shared content rather than quantity.

Exit sharing for sharing, you will have to seek to add value to your target and prefer to spend time on defining your content strategy rather than on executing it.  And it’s good, the trend will be clean design!

The video format will also remain highly appreciated by targets, especially if it respects the notion of less is more: spontaneous and imperfect videos, but which bring the viewer closer to the brand thanks to their authenticity.

Fear Of Missing Out, Or The Fear Of Missing Out On Important Content

With the ability to consume content at any time, the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is never far away and increases audience loyalty. And 2021 may well confirm this trend. Among the major tools of this loyalty:

  • TikTok, with more than 90% of its users opening the app at least once a day. A social network that lets creativity speak for itself and whose full potential has not yet been exploited by brands.
  • Live, a trend that exploded during the confinements. To surf the FOMO in 2021, you will have to offer spontaneous live events, without rebroadcasting.
  • Newsjacking, which allows you to bounce back on the news with a touch of creativity.
  • Streaming, to meet your community on Twitch for example.
  • The serification of content, by organizing your content in web series to accentuate the FOMO effect, like the TV series that broadcast one episode per week.

The Great Return Of The Written Word

In 2021, efforts on the production of visually-eyed and flashy content will have to be scaled back to enhance the quality of the written word and produce engaging texts. Thus, it will be important to focus its content marketing strategy on different formats, such as the newsletter, which reserves a special moment each morning for its readers and which allows to support a storytelling specific to the brand.

Also engage your audience on LinkedIn with debate-inducing texts rather than images of dolphins. Finally, your website’s web design should also look at textual elements rather than visuals that are considered more aggressive.

Personal Branding

Because it’s easier to attach to a person than to a virtual entity, bet on personal branding for your content in 2021. People who are part of the company will be able to represent the brand by taking a stand on social networks through their personal profile and by speaking out to convey brand values through their personality. You can also bet on conversational content, through contributory interviews, customer interviews or high value-added podcasts.

More Spontaneous Content

Create an authentic and attractive image for your brand through a less commercial brand content. As a brand, dare to take a stand on social issues and affirm your values and vision. Beware, this is not a simple statement to restore his image, but a real commitment to his community, at the risk of not pleasing everyone. In addition, you’ll need to base your content on your target’s expectations by constantly monitoring to find out what will make sense. The strongest brands today are those that demonstrate transparency, via hard-hitting Insider content.

Also focus on nano-influencers that have less than 5000 subscribers and can become true ambassadors for your brand, especially via YouTube and Instagram. You also benefit from influencers within your company: employees. They will be able to share content related to the company’s actions and thus promote your internal brand image.

Also think about your customers, true broadcasters of your brand-related content through reviews and social media posts. Make them want to share content, which can then be broadcast on your own networks.

New Spaces For Expression

In 2021, it will be important to take ownership of the popular broadcast channels:

  • YouTube, which has become a real search engine where it will be interesting to invest in advertising videos in innovative format but also to collaborate with youtubers.
  • The audio channel, represented by the Podcast format that exploded in 2020 thanks to its ease of access and consumption. For brands, creating a corporate podcast would be a real plus.

Increasingly Accurate Targeting

Today, with excessive consumer attention, successful content is content that truly engages its audience. In 2021, consider relying on your customers’ data to deliver personalized content, without making the practice abusive. Indeed, the various scandals over algorithms have made consumers suspicious of the use of their personal data. You’d also prefer to combine marketing automation and one-to-one marketing by offering personal exchanges.

Emotions On The Front Line

In 2021, it will be essential to convey emotion to your audience. To do this, use storytelling every time you create content.