Digital Trends In 2021: Marketing, SEO, SEA, Content, E-commerce, Social Media

Each year is an opportunity to take a look at best practices and trends for the coming year. Full summary of the trends identified for 2021.

Brand Reputation Trends In 2021

By 2021, brands must integrate e-reputation as a key factor for success. To do this, it will be necessary to link the company’s communication to the social issues that punctuate the daily life of their audience, while taking into account the digital channels that weigh more: media, social networks and influencers. Build your online reputation with fast and efficient formats such as short video. Finally, don’t minimize the impact of Fake News that revolves around your brand, they will always have the coast in 2021.

SEO Trends In 2021

By 2021, it has never been more important to be visible on the internet. To improve a brand’s performance, you’ll need to build on the user experience. Whether on desktop or mobile, the UX will be a key factor for your visibility. Focus on quality content with structured data, along with a solid internal mesh. Businesses will also need to look at local referencing in order to retain customers who are ready to support local businesses.

SEA Trends In 2021

Whether you internalise or outsource the management of Google Ads, you’ll need to think about optimizing your budget, maximizing revenue on high-potential campaigns and targeting audiences with the greatest added value. In terms of targeting, the trend will be to automate. In 2021, there will also be several types of formats to choose from for your SEA, with creative visuals that dress up all points of contact: Gallery Ads, Showcase Shopping Ads, YouTube, Google Display, Gmail… New KPIs to follow, such as lost print rates or Quality Score, are also on the agenda for the new year.

Marketing Automation And Inbound Trends

In 2021, inbound marketing and automation will be within the reach of every company! Stand out by putting people at the heart of your automation actions. This will require an excellent knowledge of your target and a personalized message based on your interests. A key word to remember: personalization, and the end of massive mailings of untargeted and irrelevant email campaigns.

The Content Marketing Trends Of 2021

Next year, companies will focus on the quality of spontaneous content rather than quantity. And it also involves the appropriation of new channels and tools: TikTok, YouTube, live events, newsjacking, streaming, podcast format or the seeding of content. Also prefer quality written content and learn how to stir the emotions of your audience. Using your employees’ audience should also be on the agenda of your content strategy in 2021.

Future Technology Trends

Technology development should follow three main themes: the people-centric approach, the independence of localization and the resilience of companies. Specifically, you should see the development of the Internet of Behaviors to collect and analyze behavioral data, total experience to improve the experience of each stakeholder, computer privacy for data sharing without sacrificing confidentiality or AI engineering to solve maintenance, evolution and governance issues. You will also discover the development of hyperautomation, to keep pace in the face of the acceleration of digital.

2021 In Colour, The Main Trends

This year, the trend will be soft colours representing nature, as a need to reconnect after a rather hectic year! 

Remember these three colours:

  1. Champagne grand-voile, with colour code: #FAEBD7
  2. Gold fortune, with colour code: #DAA520
  3. Tide green, with colour code: #2F4F4F

These are all the keys to getting 2021 off to a good start and having some ideas for strategies to put in place.