Made Of?

Edmontonians get excited about doing an idea. They get excited about creating a story.
The Edmonton Project brings these two components together.

The objective is to inspire all Edmontonians (yes, all of you) to develop an idea that can become a permanent place of attraction.
Something that contributes to our story.
Something you would want to see on a postcard.
Something that you would want people on the other side of the world to talk about. In a good way.

It’s not about fabricating a statue or iconic structure to give us a reason to be proud. It’s about finding the idea that can exist within our environment and be used as a testament to who we are.

The Edmonton Project will uncover and bring to life that one idea. It’s out there.



Be passionate. Be genuine. Be innovative. But most of all, be part of this story.

We are looking to Edmontonians for their ideas on something that can help answer the question, “What’s Edmonton Made Of?” The idea, whatever it is, wherever it is, will forever be a testament in Edmonton to who we are.

We want to hear from everyone. Tell us what you want to see, where you want to see it, and how it defines us. This is, after all, Edmonton’s project.

Idea submissions will be accepted from August 25 until October 20, 2017.

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