5 Days Left for the Edmonton Project Submissions

Edmontonians have always been incredibly creative, so let’s put that creativity to the test and submit your ideas to The Edmonton Project! Submissions are only open for 5 more days, meaning you’d better hurry before your chance to make a mark on the city is gone! You can submit anything your heart desires. There are no bad ideas here!

We’ve already gotten some incredible suggestions. Shalene H. had the great idea to construct an Urban Farm. It’s a sustainable and eco friendly option that promotes healthy lifestyles, urban agriculture, and shows that Edmonton is on the forefront of new technology. Chris S. suggested building an Edmonton Sign in neon lights! It would act as a landmark in the city like the Hollywood Sign does in California. We’ve even gotten a proposal to repurpose the old Royal Alberta Museum into a social media and YouTube space!

The Idea Den will be a public and live event, so you could have the chance to present your passion project in front of your fellow citizens. Imagine if your idea was the one that came to life? The likelihood of that happening is very high because you could have the support of Edmonton behind you!

Don’t forget, there are only 5 days left to submit! We want to hear what you want to create in our city!