Gary and Amber Poliquin

Gary and Amber Poliquin have both called Edmonton home for over two decades and have developed a strong love and passion for the city. As the two main forces behind Edmonton’s own “Big E Tours,” they recognized a need that was yet to be filled in the city. They came up with the idea of a gondola that would connect downtown to Old Strathcona in order highlight the beauty of the river valley. The idea was inspired by the gondolas in Chamonix France that provide a spectacular view of the waterfalls.

Both Amber and Gary balance each other out perfectly. Amber is more of the planner, where Gary is more impulsive (but in a good way). These two brains worked together to come up with an idea that would highlight the beauty of the river valley as well as give Edmontonians a unique experience in their own city!

Learn more about Gary and Amber’s Gondola Over the North Saskatchewan submission.

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