Matt Schuurman and Megan Dart

Both Matt and Megan are creative brains. Megan is a poet, playwright, co-artistic producer of Catch the Keys Productions, as well as the communications specialist for the Edmonton Fringe Theatre. Her husband Matt is an artistic director of Rapid-Fire Theatre, so they’re both heavily involved with the Edmonton Arts and Cultural scene. If they’re not spending time with their daughter and their dog, they like to spend time in the community they love, dreaming up new wild, zany, and wonderfully creative ideas. Neither of them have submitted a project concept on this level before, but these two creatives sure know how to conjure up a good idea!

Matt and Megan submitted The Food Truck Ferris Wheel idea, a slow-moving Ferris wheel with a hook-up for food trucks to park at the base of the ride. As huge fans of the Edmonton food scene, Megan and Matt wanted to create a fun and new platform for Edmontonians to discover the culinary environment in an exciting and different way.

Learn more about Matt and Megan’s submission – The Food Truck Ferris Wheel

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