Cody Mathiesen and Kayla Bradford Sinasac

Cody is the Vice President of PM Signs, so he knows the Edmonton landscape like the back of his hand. Inspired by the iconic nature of structures like the Chicago Bean, Cody teamed up with Kayla to help create their version of Edmonton’s Bean. Kayla is a designer at PM Signs who was happy to join Cody on this creative journey. These two love the city, its incredible culinary scene, and how the fun never stops no matter the weather. They want to bring the city together in an interactive, inspiring, and innovative way through their vision of the YEG Globe.

This dynamic duo proposed a multifunctional and multi-faceted idea with the YEG Globe, an indoor park that welcomes people of all sexes, genders, races, ages, and orientations.

Read about Cody and Kayla’s YEG Globe idea.

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Instagram – @cody.kristian

Instagram – @bradford_sinasac