The Food Truck Ferris Wheel

Submitted by: Matt Schuurman and Megan Dart

Proposal Idea

A Ferris wheel restaurant that embraces Edmonton’s foodie and food truck culture, while at the same time celebrating our gorgeous river valley.

What will you build?

Part Ferris wheel, part food truck restaurant, all Edmonton. It’s a slow-moving Ferris wheel; where at the base of the ride is a hook-up for food trucks to park. The passenger seats do not face the direction of the wheel, but instead face outside. Each gondola on the Ferris wheel includes a drop-down table that the passengers sit behind. As the Ferris wheel goes around, passing the window of the food truck, they order and receive their drink, entree, main course or dessert. When passengers are finished eating, they disembark.

Where will you build it?

Somewhere along the river valley bank (either north or south), so that passengers have a lovely view while they eat.

How does your idea define or embody Edmonton?

It embraces the foodie culture of the city, while allowing food of any type to be offered at this “restaurant”, depending on who the featured food truck may be. By positioning it near the river valley, it also embraces the iconic beauty of Edmonton’s main attraction.