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Marketing Automation And Inbound Trends In 2021: Formats And Strategies To Generate Leads

Marketing automation and inbound are increasingly important topics for companies in order to generate leads. Here are the trends and best practices for the coming months.

Digital, The Indispensable Ally Of 2021 For B2B Companies

The past year has shown us how essential digital is to be able to continue to generate business. It was no longer possible to rely on traditional levers, especially on physical events and appointments. The inbound has taken on its full meaning during this somewhat chaotic period: rather than exhausting itself to seek prospects difficult to reach, the inbound allows to bring its prospects to oneself.

So yes, you can launch a webinar during a containment, but we notice that the results are multiplied with two three more ingredients:

  • some blog posts to position yourself in SEO and generate leads naturally
  • webinars that add value to its prospects and capture potential leads
  • automation as soon as the lead generation strategy is implemented to start linking with its leads.

It is not always necessary to make content complex and difficult to implement. Can you solve a problem of your leads simply with an Excel file? Make it available for free as a “kit” and see the leads arrive! It will take you little time (compared to a white paper) and the results are even better.

All Companies Can Do Marketing Automation

More than 75% of marketers with inbound strategy and a marketing automation solution work in companies with fewer than 50 employees. SMEs also equip themselves with solutions with the goal of better structuring their organization and saving time on their operational tasks that can be repetitive, such as automatic e-mailing and immediate detection of hot prospects: two essential elements to ensure their growth. The year 2021 will further strengthen that. B2B companies and SMEs in particular have understood the importance of digital and will want to strengthen their actions.

A marketing automation solution will help companies structure their marketing actions because it allows to set up a framework. Implementing a solution is also a good time to reset existing processes and review actions to align sales and marketing teams.

How? It’s very simple: marketers understand what really generates good opportunities for them and can easily launch new campaigns, and salespeople are powered by qualified leads, not contacts who have simply submitted a form.

Equipping a good marketing automation tool will also increase commercial and marketing efficiency. From a marketing automation solution, marketers can simply set up the levers to generate leads via their website (forms, landing pages…) and accompany their leads in the sales cycle (nurturing) and thus reduce the sales cycle of prospects.

They also save salespeople time by sending them qualified leads. The tool also allows you to follow the different marketing indicators to adapt your actions and increase their efficiency.

A successful solution will also save time for the person who manages marketing alone or for more sized marketing teams. By automating some of the tasks (sending emails, marketing relaunches, reporting, etc.) and avoiding tedious tasks, teams bring more value by focusing on strategic missions and can thus implement more actions.

We find that, on average, our customers generate 70% more traffic on their website in 1 year and 3 times more leads after deploying an inbound and automation strategy.

The Human Touch: The Key To Stand Out From Your Competitors And Build A Good Strategy

This year again, many companies will launch or accelerate in digital, create content, send thousands of newsletters, deploy advertising content… The desire to communicate and send business messages to its customers and prospects is recurrent. In a B2B environment already saturated with messages not always qualitative, the challenge will be to stand out to succeed and get results.

We believe that to stand out from our competitors, we need to put people in automation. This starts with a good segmentation of its targets, and their maturity. You have to be able to send the right messages to the right prospects at the right time in the sales cycle. Sending emails en masse, or the same content to all its prospects, will be increasingly counterproductive. It will be necessary to contact his contacts according to their profile but also their interests.

Automation has long had bad press because of the intrusive and repetitive nature of sending email footage.

But technology does not do everything, it also goes for example by the tone used in the emails and on the website. Even in B2B, it’s important to stay human and connect with your prospects. Today, customers don’t just buy a product or service, they’re also attached to the company’s “DNA” and the value of its message.

This is a fundamental trend that must be given priority for B2B actions. You have to be able to create the right messages, but above all you have to get them to the right people at the right time.

Digital Trends In 2021: Marketing, SEO, SEA, Content, E-commerce, Social Media

Each year is an opportunity to take a look at best practices and trends for the coming year. Full summary of the trends identified for 2021.

Brand Reputation Trends In 2021

By 2021, brands must integrate e-reputation as a key factor for success. To do this, it will be necessary to link the company’s communication to the social issues that punctuate the daily life of their audience, while taking into account the digital channels that weigh more: media, social networks and influencers. Build your online reputation with fast and efficient formats such as short video. Finally, don’t minimize the impact of Fake News that revolves around your brand, they will always have the coast in 2021.

SEO Trends In 2021

By 2021, it has never been more important to be visible on the internet. To improve a brand’s performance, you’ll need to build on the user experience. Whether on desktop or mobile, the UX will be a key factor for your visibility. Focus on quality content with structured data, along with a solid internal mesh. Businesses will also need to look at local referencing in order to retain customers who are ready to support local businesses.

SEA Trends In 2021

Whether you internalise or outsource the management of Google Ads, you’ll need to think about optimizing your budget, maximizing revenue on high-potential campaigns and targeting audiences with the greatest added value. In terms of targeting, the trend will be to automate. In 2021, there will also be several types of formats to choose from for your SEA, with creative visuals that dress up all points of contact: Gallery Ads, Showcase Shopping Ads, YouTube, Google Display, Gmail… New KPIs to follow, such as lost print rates or Quality Score, are also on the agenda for the new year.

Marketing Automation And Inbound Trends

In 2021, inbound marketing and automation will be within the reach of every company! Stand out by putting people at the heart of your automation actions. This will require an excellent knowledge of your target and a personalized message based on your interests. A key word to remember: personalization, and the end of massive mailings of untargeted and irrelevant email campaigns.

The Content Marketing Trends Of 2021

Next year, companies will focus on the quality of spontaneous content rather than quantity. And it also involves the appropriation of new channels and tools: TikTok, YouTube, live events, newsjacking, streaming, podcast format or the seeding of content. Also prefer quality written content and learn how to stir the emotions of your audience. Using your employees’ audience should also be on the agenda of your content strategy in 2021.

Future Technology Trends

Technology development should follow three main themes: the people-centric approach, the independence of localization and the resilience of companies. Specifically, you should see the development of the Internet of Behaviors to collect and analyze behavioral data, total experience to improve the experience of each stakeholder, computer privacy for data sharing without sacrificing confidentiality or AI engineering to solve maintenance, evolution and governance issues. You will also discover the development of hyperautomation, to keep pace in the face of the acceleration of digital.

2021 In Colour, The Main Trends

This year, the trend will be soft colours representing nature, as a need to reconnect after a rather hectic year! 

Remember these three colours:

  1. Champagne grand-voile, with colour code: #FAEBD7
  2. Gold fortune, with colour code: #DAA520
  3. Tide green, with colour code: #2F4F4F

These are all the keys to getting 2021 off to a good start and having some ideas for strategies to put in place.

Content Marketing: 8 Trends For 2021

Want to create a content strategy that stands out? A round-up of the main trends for 2021.

Less is More

2020 has been a year for creating online content, both to entertain a confined audience and to enhance its brand image. In 2021, the focus will be on the quality of shared content rather than quantity.

Exit sharing for sharing, you will have to seek to add value to your target and prefer to spend time on defining your content strategy rather than on executing it.  And it’s good, the trend will be clean design!

The video format will also remain highly appreciated by targets, especially if it respects the notion of less is more: spontaneous and imperfect videos, but which bring the viewer closer to the brand thanks to their authenticity.

Fear Of Missing Out, Or The Fear Of Missing Out On Important Content

With the ability to consume content at any time, the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is never far away and increases audience loyalty. And 2021 may well confirm this trend. Among the major tools of this loyalty:

  • TikTok, with more than 90% of its users opening the app at least once a day. A social network that lets creativity speak for itself and whose full potential has not yet been exploited by brands.
  • Live, a trend that exploded during the confinements. To surf the FOMO in 2021, you will have to offer spontaneous live events, without rebroadcasting.
  • Newsjacking, which allows you to bounce back on the news with a touch of creativity.
  • Streaming, to meet your community on Twitch for example.
  • The serification of content, by organizing your content in web series to accentuate the FOMO effect, like the TV series that broadcast one episode per week.

The Great Return Of The Written Word

In 2021, efforts on the production of visually-eyed and flashy content will have to be scaled back to enhance the quality of the written word and produce engaging texts. Thus, it will be important to focus its content marketing strategy on different formats, such as the newsletter, which reserves a special moment each morning for its readers and which allows to support a storytelling specific to the brand.

Also engage your audience on LinkedIn with debate-inducing texts rather than images of dolphins. Finally, your website’s web design should also look at textual elements rather than visuals that are considered more aggressive.

Personal Branding

Because it’s easier to attach to a person than to a virtual entity, bet on personal branding for your content in 2021. People who are part of the company will be able to represent the brand by taking a stand on social networks through their personal profile and by speaking out to convey brand values through their personality. You can also bet on conversational content, through contributory interviews, customer interviews or high value-added podcasts.

More Spontaneous Content

Create an authentic and attractive image for your brand through a less commercial brand content. As a brand, dare to take a stand on social issues and affirm your values and vision. Beware, this is not a simple statement to restore his image, but a real commitment to his community, at the risk of not pleasing everyone. In addition, you’ll need to base your content on your target’s expectations by constantly monitoring to find out what will make sense. The strongest brands today are those that demonstrate transparency, via hard-hitting Insider content.

Also focus on nano-influencers that have less than 5000 subscribers and can become true ambassadors for your brand, especially via YouTube and Instagram. You also benefit from influencers within your company: employees. They will be able to share content related to the company’s actions and thus promote your internal brand image.

Also think about your customers, true broadcasters of your brand-related content through reviews and social media posts. Make them want to share content, which can then be broadcast on your own networks.

New Spaces For Expression

In 2021, it will be important to take ownership of the popular broadcast channels:

  • YouTube, which has become a real search engine where it will be interesting to invest in advertising videos in innovative format but also to collaborate with youtubers.
  • The audio channel, represented by the Podcast format that exploded in 2020 thanks to its ease of access and consumption. For brands, creating a corporate podcast would be a real plus.

Increasingly Accurate Targeting

Today, with excessive consumer attention, successful content is content that truly engages its audience. In 2021, consider relying on your customers’ data to deliver personalized content, without making the practice abusive. Indeed, the various scandals over algorithms have made consumers suspicious of the use of their personal data. You’d also prefer to combine marketing automation and one-to-one marketing by offering personal exchanges.

Emotions On The Front Line

In 2021, it will be essential to convey emotion to your audience. To do this, use storytelling every time you create content.

YouTube Guide: How To Stream An Event Live On A Channel

If you need to organize online events, YouTube offers two options: Live, for a live broadcast, and First to schedule a recording.

YouTube Live to stream a live event

YouTube Live is a feature that allows you to manage your broadcast and interact with your target during a live event, such as a webinar, workshop or question and answer session.

Good to know: Activating a stream for the first time can take up to 24 hours. Once activated, it will be able to go live instantly.

Check The Hardware And The Internet Connection

Before you start a live broadcast, it’s a good time to check your audio and video hardware, as well as the software you’ll need to capture your live event. Then test your Internet connection and bandwidth speed.

YouTube recommends the following standards to ensure good quality video streaming:

  • For a standard definition video: 2 Mbps
  • For 720px and 1080px videos in high definition: 5-10 Mbps
  • Ultra-high definition 4K video: 25 Mbps

Use a webcam, mobile or encoder for live streaming

There are a number of ways to stream your event live on YouTube:

  • With a webcam: this is the easiest way to stream live from a computer, without having to use encoding software (read more),
  • With a mobile: this feature is available for YouTube channels with at least 1,000 subscribers (see video tutorial),
  • With an encoder (LCR): this type of broadcast allows you to use external audio/video material, or record the video stream with multiple cameras (to go further).

Among the features offered by YouTube, a live control room allows you to better manage your live broadcast.

Optimize broadcast before, during and after a live event

It is advisable to prepare the live broadcast of a live event ahead of the scheduled date: communication on social networks, publication of a video teaser, message to encourage its users to subscribe to its channel and activate notifications so as not to miss the next live.

On D-Day, it’s about engaging your community to interact during the live broadcast. To do this, YouTube offers different features, such as moderating the chat by assigning a moderator, or blocking keywords, to master comment management. It is strongly advised to answer questions from live Internet users to humanize the exchanges, deliver messages and capitalize on the image of your channel.

Once the broadcast has passed, you can also create a video with the best moments of your live event. This will allow you to attract a new audience to the live video, which you will have taken care to archive on your channel.

YouTube Premieres to schedule a live event

If you don’t want to record your event live, YouTube gives you the option to record your broadcast beforehand. With the Premieres tool, you can launch your video in real time for your subscribers. This method prevents you from any technical problems or scoffing characteristic of a live broadcast. During the live broadcast of your video, you will be able to interact with your community, as if the event were taking place live before their eyes.

To create a video with YouTube Premieres, it’s very simple:

  1. Download your video to your channel,
  2. In the preview tab: check the “Define as first” box
  3. Choose “Plan at a later date” and select the date and time to schedule your broadcast at the time of your choice,
  4. Provide the title, description and select the thumbnail of your video, such as a standard YouTube post,
  5. When the video is finished, click “Premiere”: the video page will be created.

If your subscribers have subscribed to your channel’s notifications, they’ll receive a first reminder 30 minutes before your video is launched, and then a second reminder when your video is about to start. Once the broadcast is complete, the video remains online as a classic post on your YouTube channel. The countdown only appears when the video is first broadcast.

Note that 360-degree videos, in VR180 or above 1080px are not supported by YouTube Premieres.

9 Outstanding Instagram Tools For Community Managers

#1 Plan And Program Posts With Latergram

It’s hard to do less for professional use than the Instagram interface. With Latergram, you can program your posts in a calendar and these are posted at the specified time. The interface is extremely well done, and everything is done without friction. Only concern, and not least, Latergram has to deal with the restrictions of the Instagram API and to publish, you have to go through the mobile app of Instagram.

#2 Create Albums With Ink361

Ink 361 is a complete tool that offers many features. The first of these is the ability to create a custom dashboard with columns of our choices, much like on TweetDeck. Really very useful to do the watch on given topics, or a theme. We also appreciate the curation of popular content, as well as the possibility of having detailed statistics on his account. But what’s really interesting about the tool is the creation of albums. You can choose to organize your photos into albums, and upload them to your website. Very practical.

#3 Repost

Here is an app simply essential for professional or personal use. It allows you to “repost” like a Facebook sharing or retweet the photos that pass through your feed. Very intuitive, just select via the app the Instagram photo to repost and the app does the rest. The sharing is very clean and even automatically mentions the author of the post. Repost is also completely free and available on iOS and Google Play.

#4 Monitor And Manage Your Account With Iconosquare

Previously known as Statigram, Iconosquare is a handy tool for managing Instagram presences on desktop. You have access to your feed, and can comment and like, without connecting to mobile. The interface is particularly intuitive, especially when it comes to listing photos. Whether it’s browsing or managing your account, the tool is perfect. We also like the interface to send DM via desktop which is really convenient. The tool also allows to make filters in its followings so as not to display everything. Finally, it offers numerous reports, complete statistics, as well as searches per person or hashtag. The big advantage is the ability to have accurate insights, which the default social network does not offer. It is free and French, since the team is located in Limoges. An indispensable in any case, Iconosquare is surely the most comprehensive management tool.

#5 Upload Photos And Videos With Gramblr

Another flaw of Instagram is the uploading of photos or videos that have not been made on mobile. Everything becomes very easy with the small Gramblr software that in 2 clicks allows you to upload your media. The only flaw is that the photos must be the size of 650-650 pixels (as on Instagram). The tool is free, lightweight, and installs in seconds. We regret a rather prehistoric UX but Gramblr is indispensable.

#6 Quick Adds Text To Instagram Photos

To get a message across, especially for a brand, it can be interesting to write a message about the photos posted. With the success of Snapchat, it has become an important “fashion.” Quick (previously OverGram), an iOS and Android app, makes it easy to do so. You write wherever you want, with a wide selection of rather elegant typos, choose the color of the text and then share on Instagram (or Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook). A light watermark is inserted on the free version, but a premium version exists.

#7 Manage Multi-account With Gramfeed

One of The flaws of Instagram is not supporting the multi-account. Gramfeed is part of the way to overcome this restriction. This Instagram browser for desktop allows you to log several accounts and have access to different feeds, comments or liker for each of the different accounts. Very convenient for commenting and browsing, but Gramfeed unfortunately does not allow to post from the application.

#8 Manage Your Account With Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a popular tool among many social account managers, and this should continue as the owl will now manage Instagram. The rollout of this new feature is taking place today. It will now be possible to add an IG account and schedule its posts. To put them online you will have to go back to Instagram. It’s a shame, but the Instagram API is particularly restrictive. Here’s how this new tool works.

#9 Professional Management And Multi-account Comments With Agorapulse

Agorapulse offers comprehensive tools for managing social profiles. For Instagram, the big advantage of the service is to allow professional and CRM-oriented comment management. All comments are indeed noted on the tool in an inbox, and they must be “processed” to disappear. It is possible to respond to a comment directly on the tool, or to archive a comment once read. The interest is obvious for those who have a CRM use of Instagram. Agorapulse also offers a sleep function that allows you to search for specific tags, or nearby locations. Another advantage is full reports on accounts, engagement, and the popularity of publications. Agorapulse allows you to connect multiple Instagram accounts to your tool. And just for that, Agorapulse deserves to be tried!

amazing Indoor Streams

5 Amazing Landscaping Rocks for Indoor Streams

Do you want to build an indoor stream?, we have got you covered. You do not need to have headaches over the choice of landscaping rocks. Different rocks have their unique features and beauty.

Landscaping rocks give your indoor stream a beautiful tone and view. Some of these rocks add warmth and bring brightness to shady areas. Rocks are pivotal to landscaping a beautiful indoor stream. Most modern or Polynesian landscape themes use rocks.

If you are interested in landscaping, such as long beach landscaping, picking out the right stones is necessary. However, there are lots of rocks available for indoor streams. You must first understand these rocks and their unique feature and uniqueness to make a perfect choice.

5 Amazing Landscaping Rocks for Indoor Streams

Landscaping Rocks for Indoor Streams

We have made a list of five fantastic landscaping rocks for indoor streams. You can read through and select your choice rock.

  • Large Stones

Large stones are big, decorative, and functional stones for landscaping. Large stones’ size range from small cars to the size of a football. Large stones can serve various purposes on your property. They could be used as barriers to your garden or other places.

Also, large stones are placed within indoor streams to give it the natural look of a stream. Large stones can help bring to light these features while giving you fantastic landscaping. Large stones can be placed alone or placed with plants.

  • River Rock

These rocks are small, medium-sized rocks with sizes of about ¼ inch to 6 inches. River rocks are smooth in texture and larger than pea gravel. The river rocks are not heat tolerant as they retain warmth.

It isn’t advisable to place river rocks close to plants that need their roots cool. River rocks, when placed in the sizeable serpentine path, can bring the look of a dry river bed to light. The river rock could serve other purposes and still look amazing.

You could make use of the medium to large-sized river rocks to create beautiful decorations in your gardens. With the river rocks, you could enjoy the river beds view or dry creek beds.

  • Gravel

There are majorly two types of gravel; crushed and pea gravel. Each gravel has its functions. For instance, the crushed gravel is best placed on the top layer of an unpaved driveway. It best serves as an underlayer for the French drain for indoor streams because of its rough edges. Also, it is not supposed to be used in areas people walk barefooted.

The pea gravel is much more smooth and tiny with an appealing visual. The pea gravel is also versatile. In Japanese gardens, the rocks are more common and are used to stimulate ponds. Pea gravels are great for gardens as they do not retain heat. They can serve as an attractive mulch. They could also be used for traffic pathways.

  • Mexican beach pebbles

These small rocks are beautiful and classy. Most homeowners love these rocks as they are smooth and look elegant. These beach pebbles come in grayish-black color. These pebbles are mostly used for gardens and edging patios.

However, they can also be used for indoor streams as they bring sophistication to your home. The Mexican beach pebbles are usually hard to find and expensive.

  • Flagstones

These stones are wide and flat. They serve as great stepping stones. Mostly flagstones are used to create dramatic looks in landscaping. They usually come with artistic and creative looks.

Small pebbles are typically combined with flagstones to create unique stepping stones, garden paths, and walkways. Flagstones and many large rocks are usually combined to create a fabulous indoor stream look. Flagstones bring a natural look to your landscape, and they last for a lifetime.

More Rocks to Check-out

You might want to see more rocks that you can use for landscaping your indoor stream. We have provided more options below.

  • Lava Rocks

These rocks are from volcanoes and have bold colors. They are beautiful for landscape designs, including gardens. The rocks can absorb heat during the day and release it at night. These rocks are light, and you can quickly spread them.

  • Marble chips

These rocks are famous for kitchen counters. They are beautiful and could be used for additional decorative features.

When choosing a rock for your indoor stream, you must select the perfect rock. Whatever landscaping designs you have in mind, ensure you get complimentary rocks to support your landscaping designs.

Different rocks could be combined to create your desired look. You could also make use of professional landscape builders to make your dream come true.

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