Proposal Idea

To create an innovative retail space that embodies the best of farmers’ markets, startup spaces and neighbourhood gathering places. This project will also create a destination in the flats of Rossdale that will enhance our new iconic bridge, bring additional life and positive activity to our river valley, and support local startups and established retail and food-based businesses.

What will you build?

Our proposal is to create a container park within the existing structure of the Rossdale Power Plant. The containers would be outfitted as flexi-spaces; some of which would be for retail and some that would be set up for food service. Third floor containers would be set up as office space, meeting rooms, and commercial prep kitchens. All of these containers would be for rent with flexibility for short term (even hourly) or longer-term arrangements.

The centre courtyard would be developed into a custom garden with a fully integrated custom playground. The concept is that during the day it can be a gathering place for families, and in the evening it will be a visually appealing central garden area that adds to the enjoyment of a cocktail and sharing plates.

Within the space, there could also be an area for various forms of entertainment, an indoor running track, as well as indoor and outdoor food truck areas.

Where will you build it?

Rossdale Power Plant, if viable, but it could be located anywhere down in the flats around Rossdale.

How does your idea define or embody Edmonton?

This project embraces both the history of Edmonton and forward-thinking innovation. It is an inclusive space for families or for an adult evening out. It can be an alternate space for our senior mall walkers as well as an amazing, beautiful and engaging play space for our youngest citizens. In short, it is our Edmonton where no one is left out, where we embrace our diversity in demographic and in culture and we work, play and socialize together.